Rowan’s Rule, part 3

Today’s quote illustrates a lot about Rowan’s life, whether one takes it positively or negatively. It would lay a foundation for his future time as Archbishop. From Rowan’s Rule, p. 63:

“From MacKinnon [one of his teachers], Rowan learnt his aversion to facile certainty (both liberal and conservative) in religion, and a further lesson he would often repeat, at least before he became a bishop: ‘Never think you can resolve a disputed question just by arguing that “The Bible says…”.'”

While this might not make sense to a lot of U.S. readers, it makes perfect sense in the context in which Rowan was working. Moreover, I take his remark to be one he is embracing, not simply something that is true that he is lamenting. Sometimes there is no easy answer from what the Bible says to what is authoritative for Christians today.


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