Random Quotes 1 [Blogging through Barth, part 3]

“Theological thinking which by the grace of God is truly responsible and relevant, and stands in true connexion with contemporary society, will even to-day will show itself to be such by not allowing itself to be drawn into discussion of its basis, of the question of the existence of God or of revelation. On the contrary, it will refrain from attempted self-vindication as its theme demands, and thus shows its responsibility and relevance by simply fulfilling itself as thinking on this basis, and therefore by simply existing as the witness of faith against unbelief.” (29-30, I.1)

“[T]here can be no shattering of the axiom of reason [meaning sinful and fallen human reason] alone these lines [trying to engage in apologetics of the points above], but only as theology goes its own way sincerely and with no pretense. Apologetics and polemics can only be an event and not a programme.” (31, I.1)

“[T]hat prologeomena to dogmatics are possible only as part of dogmatics itself…In order to give an account of the way of knowledge pursues in dogmatics, we cannot take up a position which is somewhere apart from this way or above the work of dogmatics.” (42, I.1)

“If the social work of the Church as such were to try to be proclamation, it could only become propaganda, and not very worthy propaganda at that. Genuine Christian love must always start back at the thought of pretending [trying to live out] to be a proclamation of the love of Christ with its only too human action.” (50, I.1)


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