Random Quotes 2 [Blogging through Barth, part 5]

“The doubtful thing is not where God is person, but whether we are.” (138; I.1)

“God’s faithfulness to His Church consists in His availing Himself of His freedom to come to us Himself in His Word and in His reserving to Himself the freedom to do this again and again.” (139; I.1)

“When God’s Word is heard and proclaimed, something takes place that for all our hermeneutical skill cannot be brought about by hermeneutical skill.” (148; I.1)

“If the Church believes what it says it believes, then it is the place where the victory of Jesus Christ is not the last word to be heard and passed on but the first…The Church which is this place will have something to say to the world and will be taken seriously by the world.” (156; I.1)

“Invariably, then, faith is acknowledgment of our limit and acknowledgement of the mystery of God’s Word, acknowledgment of the fact that our hearing is bound to God Himself…and to Himself, not giving Himself in either case into our hands but keeping us in His hands.” (176; I.1)

“The possibility of knowledge of God’s Word lies in God’s Word and nowhere else.” (222; I.1)

“He has not created his own faith; the Word has created it. He has not come to faith; faith has come to him through the Word. He has not adopted faith; faith has been granted to him through the Word.” (244; I.1)


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