Two Views on Women in Ministry (ed. Beck)

This book is a great introduction to the topic. Although I am fairly familiar with the terrain, there were still some interesting points I found throughout. Each view has two proponents. Linda Belleville and Craig Keener defend egalitarianism while Craig Blomberg and Tom Schreiner defend compelementarianism. Each side is allotted the same amount of space. After an essay by a contributor, brief response pieces follows from the other contributors. Here is a statement that the editor and all contributors agree with:

We believe one can build a credible case within the bounds of orthodoxy and a commitment to inerrancy for either one of the two major views we address in this volume, although all of us view our own positions on the matter as stronger and more compelling.

In a debate that often produces more heat than light (oppression!; radical feminist!), may this book help us grow in thinking about God’s word, kingdom, and glory.

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