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I read, a lot. So this blog will center around my reading quite a bit. Along the way, I plan on filtering what I am reading in various ways. One way will simply be by posting quotes from what I am reading. Second, I will sometimes post a quote along with some of my own comments on the quote. Third, I will sometimes give a (short) review of books. These will not try to summarize the arguments or allow someone to know the book without reading it but, instead, will provide some windows into the book that might pique one’s curiosity and thereby lead the person to read the book.

Nonetheless, my posts will not be confined solely to my reading. Some of my posts will explore my own thoughts on various topics I am working through. Moreover, other posts will be part of a series on papers I have written/am writing so that the person can follow my argument without having to read 10+ pages at a time. This will also give me the opportunity to summarize/simplify some of my writing if need be.

As to the blog title, if you do not know it is taken from Ludwig Wittgenstein‘s famous work by the same title, Philosophical Investigations. I like the book for a number of reasons, some of which I will probably touch on in my posts. Nonetheless, the biggest reason I enjoy it is that reading the book is often therapeutic. Do not get me wrong: don’t expect to buy the book and read it and thereby be healed of your brokenness. While I am not sure that I have a good analysis of what exactly I mean by therapeutic, a major sense of what I think about is that the book stretches me in important and beneficial ways. Again, I do not have this all worked out, but this will probably be a recurring theme in my posts.


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